Hills Business Alarm Kit S7435K Reliance R8/NX8 Alarms with Quad Security Detectors

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 S7435K Kit Includes

 Hills Reliance 8 Zone control panel

 LED keypad

 4 AMP battery and power plug pack

 piezo screamer and outdoor Siren/Strobe

 2 x Quad Infrared Detector


The Hills Business Alarm Reliance R8/NX8 can provide 8 wired or 8 wireless. Means it can have 8 Alarm devices in total. Examples of alarm devices are movement detector, reed switches, and smoke detectors. The Hills Business Alarm R8/NX8 can have a stay mode and Armed Mode. The stay area is programmable for after hours business invasion protection. Meaning it can have a stay area with devices reed switches etc. that will go into alarm if opened while you are at working after hours at night. The R8/NX8 has two separate areas so you can partition the alarm system and control the two areas independently.

The R8/NX8 can also have access control incorporated with business alarm by installing extra output and proximity card modules. 

This wired kit is suited to single story building installation, see cabling installation issues. The kit comes with quad movement PIR's. To find out more about different detectors see this page. The kit comes with either a box siren/strobe or a slim line siren/strobe you can decide which siren you want when you order the kit.

If you install a remote control kit to it, the 3 and 4th key fob buttons can be setup to control your businesses garage doors this function can be helpful as you will only need one remote for alarm and garage operation.

The system has an inbuilt PSTN dialer for standard copper phone line connection. The business alarm can be set up for self-monitoring using voice dialing.Which enables the panel to call your mobile phone when there is an alarm. When you answer you will hear here a siren if you don't acknowledge the alarm, the system will call the next mobile number programmed. A maximum of three numbers called.The Hills Reliance R8/NX8 can also be set up for contact id monitoring through a call center. If you don't have a telephone line at your house, the Hills R8/NX8 can be configured to be monitored through a third party gsm dialer. If you would like to self-monitor and control this alarm system, I would recommend you look at adding a Hills ComNav to this kit. The Hills ComNav smartphone app xConnect is available for Android and iPhone

Listed Functions

Eight wireless or 8 Wired Zones "maximum of 8 zones in total."

Two different states Area armed and Home armed

Two unique areas

Contact id and Audible Voice

Keypad Chime features

NOTE: This Alarm Kit requires installation by a qualified Alarm Installer or electrician


User Manual


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