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Use our streamlined checkout process to design and purchase this Bosch 2000 alarm system. The process allows you to select the amount and type of detectors needed, remote controls, if necessary, keypad type, etc. in the options section to the right. If you require any help to decide what sensors you need, I strongly recommend that you read the three links below

Kit Includes

 Bosch Solution 2000 Alarm Panel

 Outdoor/Indoor Siren and Strobe

 Power Supply and Battery

 Three year Manufacturers Warranty

 Listed Functions

8 zones capability

41 Codes – 1 Installer, 20 User Codes, 20 RF Key fobs

Home Arming for home invasion protection

A variety of communication options with extra modules available including the standard dialer, gsm/GPRS and IP modules that can provide CID, Domestic Dialling, CSV-IP and RSC "Remote Security Control" smartphone app communication


The Bosch Solution 2000 Alarm System Kit can provide eight hard-wired. Examples of alarm devices are movement detectors, reed switches and smoke detectors.

The Solution 2000 has an away area and a stay area that's programmable for home or business after hours invasion protection. Meaning it can have a stay area with devices reed switches etc. that will go into alarm if opened while it's after hours.

If you install a WE800ev2 wireless remote kit to it, the 3 and 4th key fob buttons can be setup to control your home's garage doors this function can be helpful as you will only need one remote for alarm and garage operation.

2000/ 3000 Monitoring Options

Out of the box panel

The Bosch 2000/ 3000 panel comes with an on board PSTN dialer that can connect and communicate through the standard Telstra copper phone line. This connection offers two dialling formats. The first is Contact ID, which is used to transmit alarms to a central monitoring station for paid monitoring services. The second is Domestic dialling programmed for self-monitoring. When the alarm goes off the alarm system dials, the phone numbers programmed when you answer and hear a siren in the earpiece. The only problem with this form of monitoring is it doesn't inform you which zone has alarmed it may be just one zone that is false alarming.

Adding the IP reporting module 

With this IP module added it converts the panel to report through your home or business broadband connection whatever format the connection uses i.e. NBN, cable or ADSL the panel will communicate in two ways the first is by IP reporting to a central monitoring station for 24 hours paid monitoring. Another advantage of this module is there is a smartphone app for Android or iPhone. This app allows connection to the panel for remote alarm and output control. It is important to note that the app is different from the 6000 panel and is only available through a wired broadband connection.

Adding the GPRS module

The first thing to note is that you need to purchase both the B450 PLUG-IN COMMUNICATOR INTERFACE and the B442 PLUG-IN 2G GPRS COMMUNICATOR to enable wireless communication as the GPRS communicator has to plug into the communicator interface and the communicator interface plugs into the panel. It is also important to note that you will also need an enabled sim card from a telco provider. The GPRS module only enables Communication with a 24-hour monitoring centre and domestic dialling self-monitoring. There is no smartphone app or text message enabled as with the solution 6000 GPRS module.  

NOTE: This Alarm Kit needs installation by a qualified Alarm Installer or electrician


Bosch 2000 User Manual

Bosch 2000/3000 Quick Selection Guide

Bosch Intrusion Detector Selection Guide

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