Bosch Alarm System K880-3QUAD Solution 880 Ultima Kit with 3 x Quad Detectors


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 K880-3QUAD Kit Includes

 Bosch Solution 880 Ultima Alarm Panel

 1 x Icon LCD KeyPad

 Outdoor/Indoor Siren and Strobe

 3 x Bosch ISC BPQ2 W12 Blue line Wired Quad PIR Detectors

 Power Supply and Battery Kit

 Three year Manufacturers Warranty

 Listed Functions

  Eight user codes and eight remote control user codes

  Two Alarm areas

  DTMF remote arming by telephone

  Remote configuration

  3 arming modes

  Day alarms, duress alarms, and Key Pad tamper alarm

  Onboard telephone line fault monitor

  Zone lockout

  Dynamic battery test

  History memory recall

  Programmable ring burst time

  Reports with Contact ID and Basic Pager Dialer


The Bosch Solution K880-3QUAD 880 Ultima kit can provide eight hard wired and 8 Wireless alarm zones " requires an extra wireless receiver to enable". The Solution 880 can have eight wired and eight wireless alarm devices connected to it. To view the entire 16 zones, you would need to purchase a separate 16 zone keypad, model number ICP-CP516LW. These zones are programmable for 24-hour mode, home mode or away mode. Examples of alarm devices are movement detectors, reed switches, and smoke detectors. The solution 880 is Bosch's cost effective panel that will allow wireless devices to be connected to it. 

The Solution 880 Ultima has a home area that's programmable for home protection. Meaning it has a home area with devices reed switches etc. that will go into alarm if opened while you are at home.

If you install a wireless remote kit to it, the 3 or 4th key fob buttons can be setup to control your home's garage door this function can be helpful as you will only need one remote for alarm and garage operation. To Set up one garage door with the 880 Ultima panel involves reprogramming the outputs on the alarm panel and connection of the garage door to the panels onboard relay. If you want to open two garage doors the solution 880 Ultima doesn't have enough outputs to run both doors without eliminating the strobe, external siren or internal siren output and reprogramming that output for garage door operation.  

This wired kit is suited to single story home installation, see cabling installation issues. The kit comes with three Bosch blue line quad detectors. These detectors have a two passive Infrared sensor in them and offer better false alarm protection. To find out more about different sensors see this page. The kit comes with either a box siren/strobe or a slimline siren/strobe you can decide which siren you want when you order the kit.

The Bosch 880 Ultima panel has a PSTN dialer and can be configured for back to base contact id monitoring or domestic dialing self-monitoring which means when the alarm goes off the panel will call your mobile. When you answer a siren sound will be heard in the earpiece.

You can also dial into this alarm system to arm and disarm it through your mobile phone using DTMF control “ You call your home phone number let it ring then hang up, then call back, and the alarm panel will answer. Then you enter your pin and certain combinations of numbers to arm or disarm.”


Bosch 880 User Manual

Bosch 880 Ultima Data Sheet

Bosch Intrusion Detector Selection Guide

Bosch Data Sheet ISC BPQ2 W12 Gen 2 Quad Detector



NOTE: This Alarm Kit requires installation by a qualified Alarm Installer or electrician

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