Agility 3 3G GSM/GPRS 2 x Wireless PET Sensors Kit

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 Kit Includes

 Agility Control Panel complete with 3G GSM/GPRS module     

 1 x Agility 2-Way LCD Keypad 

 2 x iWave 2-way wireless Pet sensors

 2 x 4 button key fobs

 Wireless Devices and panel batteries

 Plug power pack to suit Agility Control Panel

 Two year Manufacturers Warranty

 Full programming all that needs doing is hardware installation


The Risco Agility 3 developed and manufactured in Israel uses cutting-edge two-way wireless technology that provides both a secure wireless encrypted network and alarm functions that are at the cutting edge of Security technologies. The Agility radio panel and intelligent wireless devices have a two-way open path of communication that allows for total control of device states. This relationship allows for extended battery life as all devices are shut down when the alarm is disarmed and woken up by the alarm panel as soon as the system is armed. The important thing to remember with two-way wireless is that the devices communicate with the Agility Panel, so the system knows the exact state of the device at all times.

The Agility 3 stays connected to the Risco Cloud Server, which is a secure server provided by Risco Group specifically for their customers security functions. The Risco cloud acts as a 24/7 monitor of your Risco Alarm System. If you have a burglar alarm, low battery, a system fault, the cloud knows about it and acts according to your wishes. The iRisco smartphone app installed on your phone receives information from the Risco cloud that intern has come from your Agility 3 panel. Another great function that the cloud provides is enabling your Agility security technician to program new devices online instead of having to come to your home or business. This ability saves both time and money for all parties. If you do have a fault arise with the system, the Cloud also allows remote faultfinding by your Risco alarm technician.

The Risco EyeWave camera PIR's offer on the spot visual verification of alarms, basically when the EyeWave detector picks up movement it captures a series of snapshot pictures of what it was looking at when the alarm triggered. The EyeWave can also be programmed to take pictures when other devices are going into alarm. An example of this is a back door to a house with a reed switch on it going into alarm when opened and triggering a series of snapshots from the EyeWave PIR that looks at it. These pictures get sent through the Risco cloud to your smartphone utilizing a push notification that wakes up your iRisco app containing the images giving you instant verification of what caused the alarm.

The modular design of the Agility 3 system allows for self-installation. All devices have a bracket that needs to be physically installed then the Risco device just clip on. You don't need to open devices with little screwdrivers etc. Changing batteries is simple you only need to unclip the device off its bracket and access the battery lid cover to change them.  

By adding extra modules to your Agility panel, other functions can be attained. I encourage you to read through the listed features below to learn more about the Agility 3 capabilities. It is a remarkable piece of technology.


Listed Functions

32 x Wireless zones maximum capability: every wireless device that gets added to the system takes up input. Examples of devices are smoke detectors, reed switches, glass breaks, camera PIR's, etc 

4 x hard wired Zones and four hard wired outputs available with an Input/ Output module: If an input/ output expansion module, P/N RW132I040AUH is fitted it will allow 4 x wired devices and 4 x wired output devices connected to the system. This module is perfect for retrofitting an existing wired alarm system to the Agility panel. The Modules location where the current alarm systems position. The existing wired inputs connected to the modules input terminals and the currently wired sirens and strobes attached to the modules output terminals. The I/O module then communicates with the Agility Panel wirelessly allowing the central panel located in a different location.

3 x Partitions: Partitions described as different physical areas. What you're doing is adding a zone to a partition and programming that zone to enact an action if it is triggered when that particular Area is armed or disarmed.) These partitions allow their physical areas in the one building to act differently, i.e., one area armed, say a safe vault in a club and the primary function area disarmed.

8 x EyeWave Wireless PIR Cameras: The Two-Way EyeWave wireless cameras sends a series of snapshot photo of what they're on board passive infrared movement detector seen to trigger the alarm. The pictures are sent directly to your smartphone as a push notification through Risco's phone app" iRisco" available for Android and iPhone. The pictures are also held at Risco's cloud server to be accessed after the event if needed.

32 x User pin codes: 32 individual user codes are programmable into the system and monitored for activity if required

8 x Remote Controls either four button or 8 buttons: The four button remotes used for arming and disarming plus home automation functions such as garage door operation, The eight button keyfob has the same abilities with the added function of knowing the status of the alarm system.

3 x Keypads LCD or Slimline Outdoor/ Indoor 

3 x Totally Wireless Sirens / Strobes capacity, both Indoor and Outdoor types available

X-10: Supported with I/O Expander: X10 is a communication standard for home automation

250 Alarm event history

3 x Alarm Receiving Centre: control room monitoring accounts

16 x Follow-me destinations: this is the amount of self-monitoring accounts, i.e., have 16 different smartphones sent pictures too

Communication modules available PSTN, IP, and GSM/GPRS in any combination 

PSTN: Allows connection to the Telstra copper phone line network. Using this communication mode allows the Agility 3 to connect to a monitoring center through CID connection. It also allows domestic dial for self-monitoring, the Domestic dial is if there is an alarm the Agility 3 will dial your mobile phone when you answer the voice module will tell you which zone is in alarm. The PSTN module also allows two-way voice communication through the agility three panel. Meaning you can call the panel, it will answer, and you can talk to whoever caused the alarm. The app functions aren't available through a PSTN module

IP: This module allows connection to your business or home's internet connection including all connection types Copper phone line ADSL, NBN Network, Cable Internet and satellite Internet. The two-way voice communication function isn't available through the IP module as this role requires a dialler or only a number to call. All other features become enabled with this monitoring module.  

GSM/GPRS: This module offers the full functionality of the Risco visual verification system. The two-way voice communication function is also available through the GSM/GPRS module. I should note that this communication option offers the most secure connection for monitoring as the other two modules have the downside that the communication line into your property can tamper with to disable monitoring whereas the wireless option ensures the messages will get out.

Monitoring Centre Reporting formats:  Contact ID, SIA level 2 & 3 (text support),Receiver, SIA IP (with encryption), IP/GSM, Permacon

Programming Methods: The most significant ability with the Agility 3 is that the end user doesn't need ever to do any programming once the Agility systems connected to the cloud it can be managed by your security supplier. If you want to add extra devices to the system, it's only a matter of ordering the part as the new device can be programmed and configured through the Risco Cloud by your Risco security supplier. The Agility panel will also inform your Risco security technician of any system issues that arise in the future so your system will always be functional. The Agility 3 can also be programmed locally using RS232 for Configuration Software, local using LCD 2-way keypad.

8 x programmable Automated schedules: set/unset or output control

End user features

Smartphone apps and web browser for visual verification of alarms

arm/disarm control and monitor the system.

Events and images notification by email

Event notification and remote control by SMS.

Audio: Voice event messaging, touch-tone control with full voice menu guide, two-way audio for listen-in and speak in allows you to have a conversation with whoever caused the alarm note: only available with GSM/ GPRS and PSTN comms modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Risco Agility 3 manufactured?

Ans: The Agility three's made in Israel.

How long do the batteries in the wireless devices last?

Ans: Risco states that the batteries will last two years under normal operating conditions.

Can someone watch us from the indoor PIR Cameras?

Ans: The first thing to note is that due to the two-way wireless network these cameras turn off when the alarm systems disarmed. Secondly, these PIR cameras can't be accessed for live view at any time. The only way they work is if a system user was to trigger a series of snapshot photo's sent to their phone through the iRisco app.

How much data is the Agility system going to use my data allowance?

The Agility system uses around 10kb per day that is nothing and won't affect either your broadband Internet or a 3G sim card plan. The only thing to be careful of is that some of the cheaper sim cards have the best data amounts for money but charge a minimum of 1mb for every transmission. Which Could use a lot of data as the Agility only sends and receives small packets of data, but it does it a lot.



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