CCTV Rated Hard Drive HDD 3.5” WD 2B Purple

Price $147.382-3 Days City / 3-9 Days Country

The Western Digital WD20PURZ is a Surveillance Rated Hard Drives are built to operate 24/7, 365 days a year, always on; this drive supports 2TB of storage at a workload of 180 terabytes a year and supports up to 64 high definition cameras. The WD Purple drive design supports deep learning analytics in Artificially Intelligent Network Video Recorders

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing a CCTV system is footage retention. What point is a surveillance system without being able to go back and view what happened? That's why it is essential to use good quality surveillance rated storage hard drives. When designing a system, consider these things, how long do you want to go back in time and view footage? Aspects of the system that affect the amount of storage needed to meet your requirements are first, the higher you go in-camera resolution, the more storage it will use, whether the camera will see a lot of motion will chew up more storage. Things that increase this issue are trees blowing in the wind or the camera seeing cars driving past the premises on a busy road.

Another aspect to consider is data security; in other words, if a thief breaks into your house or business and takes your recording machine with him when he goes, you will have lost the recorded footage. My recommendation to overcome this is to either secure the device in a hidden location or add onboard micro SD cards to each camera so the robbery footage can be accessed even though the NVR's stolen.

The main point I would like to convey is how are we going to protect the recordings? Do we have a plan if the robber turns off the power to the site? We could fit a battery backed-up power supply system for the cameras that hold the onboard storage SD cards, or do we spend a lot of money and purchase a UPS ( uninterrupted power supply) to keep power to the recording machine. In truth, security is all about levels and what level of protection do you require.


Data Sheet

Manufacturers Part Number
Model Number WD20PURZ
Product Features
Cameras supported Up to 64
Drive Bays Supported 8
Firmware Feature Name AllFrame 4K
Tarnish resistant components No
Cache (MB)⁴ 64
Interface transfer rate (max)⁴ 6 Gb/s 145 MB/s
RPM 5400
Reliability/Data Integrity
Annualized workload rating⁷ 180TB/yr
Limited warranty (years)⁸ 3
Load/unload cycles⁶ 300,000
MTBF 1,000,000
Non-recoverable read errors per bits read <1 in 1014
Power Management Average power requirements (W)
Idle 4.4
Read/Write 5.0
Standby and Sleep .4
Environmental Specifications
Acoustics (dBA) Idle 23
Acoustics (dBA) Seek 24
Non-operating 250
Operating (2 ms, read) 65
General Specs
Advanced Format Yes
Form factor 3.5-inch
RoHS compliant Yes
Formatted capacity 2TB
Physical Dimensions
Height (in./mm, max) 1.028/26.1
Length (in./mm, max) 5.787/147
Weight (lb/kg, ± 10%) 1.32/0.60
Width (in./mm, ± .01 in.) 4/101.6

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