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Due to numerous emails and phone calls from the general public asking, if they could buy one of our kits as parts only, I decided to build this site and sell to the public as a whole. Go Alarm Shop has a huge range of Alarm, CCTV and security parts for sale. We only supply the Brands Bosch, Hills, and NESS as these companies produce technically superior and ruggedly reliable equipment with after sales support. I am an electronic trades technician with 30 years experience in fault finding and installing electronic systems. Lately, I have built some websites this is my first shop. I have filled the internet site with as much information as possible with regards to choosing the correct system for different security requirements.If you're looking for a system to buy, I strongly recommend that you read the following information links that will help you understand security products better. We do offer free phone tech support on the products we have sold. If you're still not sure what you need, I can be contacted on 1300462527

Alarm System Tips and Tricks
The Difference Between Detectors
CCTV Tips and Tricks
Building Cabling Issues Explained

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