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Bosch Alarm System Kits | Bosch Wireless Alarm Kits

Bosch Security Systems provide a unique range of packaged alarm system kits that suit both domestic and business security requirements. Bosch Home Alarms are renowned for their reliability and functionality. These home security alarms have been designed to secure both property and family with particular emphases on home invasion protection capabilities. Bosch's business alarm systems have a long history of superior dependability. Bosch has put effort into research and development. The result is their Alarm detection equipment becoming regarded among alarm installers. The Bosch 6000 GSM/GPRS module offers text message self-monitoring alarm system control through a smartphone app over the mobile phone network. Bosch has developed some unique self-monitoring modules. The new Bosch 2000 and 3000 alarm systems have modules that offer smartphone app control over your home or business broadband network. Bosch also supplies a technologically superior wireless alarm system range. Their Wireless equipment has a unique encryption protocol that ensures that ensures hackers can't access the system. The Bosch wireless system provides a secure two-way communication system between the Bosch wireless receiver and wireless alarms devices. Their wireless gear has exceptional transmission qualities and excellent false alarms reliability. Bosch alarm system kits prices start at $210. Bosch Wireless Alarms kits cost from $368.50

Hills Alarm System Kits | Hills Wireless Alarm System Kits

Hills Security Systems supply a unique range of technologically advanced alarm systems. In particular, their monitored alarm system module the ComNav is perfect if you want to monitor your alarm system. The Hills ComNav suits any of them to any hills reliance alarms system we sell. The ComNav provides alarm system self-monitoring through text messaging, domestic dialling and email reporting depending on your home or businesses communication network. The ComNav also allows off-site control through a smartphone app called xConnect. This app is fantastic for monitored remote control of the Hills alarm system, and I highly recommend this system for self-monitoringHills security has also put a lot of development into the interface between the alarms operator and the alarms system. They have designed and produced two excellent keypads. The TouchNav, an LCD touchscreen display, has revolutionised alarm code pads and eliminated the need for a user manual forever it's remarkable. The VoiceNav communicates with the alarm operator by a voice that provides a more user-friendly interface as it tells you the status of the alarm system. Hills alarm systems come priced from $264. Hills Wireless Alarm kits cost from $743

NESS Alarm System Kits | NESS Wireless Alarm Kits

NESS Security Systems is an Australian manufacturing company that has been at the forefront of security system supply and service since 1972. They produce some excellent alarm systems that are technologically superior at a competitive price. NESS Wireless Alarms system equipment provides proven reliability and functionality. Their NESS Security Guard III, Wireless Alarms System, is an entirely wireless solution with a built-in GSM dialler for self-monitoring through text messaging, it has unique abilities. In particular, NESS have manufactured a wireless keypad that is available for all their wireless alarm systems. The NESS D8x and D16x alarm systems have a stylish LCD touchscreen code pad available, the Navigator. Ness also has a broadband network interface module available that allows remote control through a smartphone app that provides an excellent alarm control interface. One of the best security functions that NESS offer is their Access control systems for the D8x and D16x. This access system provides comprehensive security at a bargain price. NESS alarm system kits cost from $314.60 NESS Wireless alarm kits starting price $455.95

Bosch Camera System Kits

Bosch Security Systems supply a comprehensive range of 960H Video Cameras and Digital Video Recorder systems that suit both residential and commercial security scenarios. All of the Bosch DVR recorders we sell will playback and record in real time. These Bosch DVR's have network capabilities that enable self-monitoring to remotely view the cameras by a smartphone application through your home or businesses broadband network. Bosch 960H cameras offer the highest resolution video pictures that analogue CCTV can attain. The Bosch cameras that we sell have a range of abilities for different surveillance requirements. Different camera models have lens types that allow monitoring up to 90 meters from a distance to zoom in for facial recognition on an entry point. There are infrared camera models that supply night vision up to 90 meters. Our Bosch camera systems Kits cost from $902.99


NESS Security Systems supply the complete range of Camera system technologies. They provide low-end analogue camera systems that are both reliable and reasonably priced. Their 960H camera equipment is on par with the best 960H camera systems in the market. When it comes to their High Definition systems, they supply premium products. The NESS HD-SDI cameras and digital video recorders provide true HD 1080P video pictures over existing analogue cabling. The HD-SDI Camera System is perfect for upgrading existing analogue CCTV systems because you don't have to replace the buildings CCTV cabling. The HD-SDI  CCTV system can save thousands of dollars in installation cost. The NESS High Definition Network IP system utilises data cabling and is a true plug and play system. The HD-IP network digital recorder provides electronic IP addresses and configuration to the cameras when you plug them in. This NESS HD CCTV system is at the top end of HD systems concerning both functionality and price. All models of NESS Camera systems we sell have remote camera self-monitoring capability through a broadband network interface. NESS camera systems come priced from $812.90

Security Equipment Part Supply

Reed Switches Perimeter Protection Parts

We sell an extensive range of perimeter reed switches designed for different installation requirements. Securing your windows and doors with reed switches provides the first line of defence against intrusion by offering a different technology that burglars have to overcome to access your property. Perimeter Reeds also offer an added advantage by allowing home or business perimeter area arming for protecting persons from home invasion.

Alarm Movement Sensors

Our range of movement detection parts includes both wall and ceiling mount models. We supply movement detectors specialised for specific installation requirements. These detectors have unique coverage patterns that can cover areas up to 91 meters. This particular sensors design is for warehouse installation. Our range of sensing parts has been constructed to cater for any site requirement.

PE Beams for Outside Movement Detection

A lot of customers ask me for outside movement detectors. My reply is I don't supply them. In the past any time I have installed them I have had nothing but trouble, just false alarms all the time. PE beams are my preferred outside movement detection device. Our range of PE beams has models that cater for distances up to 200m. Even if you don't purchase one of these beams, my recommendation is only to consider PE beams for exterior perimeter protection.

Miscellaneous Alarm Parts

Our range of different detection devices includes Glass Breaks that detect the high frequencies of Glass breaking. Panic or duress alarm input parts designed for desk or wall mounting for personal protection and smoke alarm detectors that are developed and built to Australian standards BCA compliant with alarm panel connection capabilities for off-site control room and self-monitoring

Siren Outputs and Strobe Light Alarm Devices

Our range of alarm output devices includes NESS, Bosch, and Hills reliance Outdoor Siren Strobe kits, internal screamers in both flush mount and recessed models. We also supply interior strobes with a holder for visual verification of duress or automation alarm zone trigger. We also supply a couple of different outputs. The first is an outdoor satellite siren, and strobe that has its onboard battery backup should be a thief tamper with the satellite siren. The second unique product we sell is the NESS Quantum Sonic, a functional passive infrared movement detector that has an onboard screamer to provide an instant high volume siren when the alarm system sensors change the Sonic Sensor detects movement.

Power Supplies and Batteries

We offer an extensive range of alarm and CCTV power supplies and batteries. Our range includes both 24 volt AC and 12 volt DC camera and alarm power supply voltages. We have power supply models with supply current outputs that suit both small to large commercial business and home security installation requirements with multiple safety devices. In particular, our range of Uninterrupted Power Supplies is a must for CCTV system protection.

Alarm and Camera System Connection Cables

Our range of alarm/ CCTV cable includes both pre-made wires looms with the security connectors already attached and rolls of cable ready to be installed and cut to length. We supply cable in both light duty and heavier duty types. These cables include particular types that suit unique installation requirements for security cameras, an alarm system, and access control.

Alarm System Monitoring Options

There are so many different types of alarm monitoring systems that it’s difficult for the average person to see the technical terminology and find out the facts. Some alarm systems only suite specific communication services. It depends on your particular situation as to what method is best suited for you. This website aims to break through the technical jargon by providing information on the different monitoring types which helps to explain the options and hopefully give enough detailed information for you to decide what kind of self-monitoring system best suits your security needs.

The site also provides some useful Alarm Tips and Tricks to help figure out what alarm Peripherals are required before you buy an alarm system kit. In particular, the section on Pet Immune detectors is helpful if you want to arm your property with a Pet inside.

It would also be beneficial to read about different detector types. Installing an incorrect sensor type in a location with a particular environmental requirement can cause false alarms. This issue is a factor when considering self-monitoring. Because of an alarm system that false alarms cause significant problems for the individual that has to monitor the signal.

Another important consideration in the design process is to determine what alarm system is best suited to the construction of a building. For example one particular situation I come across time and time again is having to install a monitored alarm in a home where the broadband router is located in the kitchen downstairs and the alarm panels location upstairs. The resulting problem is a communication cable has to run between the two devices.

Most people don't understand that this can involve two holes having to be cut in the ground floor ceiling every meter from the outside wall to where the telephone points location. Thoughtful consideration of a properties construction needs assessing to purchase the perfect alarm system for the home.

Camera System Design For Self-Monitoring

When it comes to security camera systems, there is one primary objective sort after. It applies to each camera that’s installed and configured. It is called the money shot. As a CCTV system designer and installer, there is no greater skill than being able to assess a home or business pick out the focal points and set up cameras for the money shot.

Cameras that are installed and configured to capture a vast area will usually inform the person monitoring the property of what approximately happened should there be an incident. But the footage attained may not be good enough to catch the perpetrator.

On the other hand, if a camera has been designed and installed to zoom in on particular focal point it is more likely going to result in a real facial recognition shot and perpetrator description, so the police have a better lead to follow up.

Some of the camera system tips and tricks that need to be learned and enacted to attain the money shot are

  • Determining the difference in picture quality between different CCTV video resolution systems
  • Designing a resolution video system where all devices match
  • Ensuring that your selected system supports real-time playback
  • Learning about the height  a camera requires installation at
  • How to setup remote viewing of cameras?
  • Find out about Infrared Night Vision
  • Learn about camera system Lens types
  • What power supply do cameras require?
  • What type of cabling do the different camera types require?
  • How much footage storage space does a camera system require?

These are the points that need addressing when designing a camera system to attain the money shot

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We were in the process of building a new house, and we're looking at wiring our whole house with data cables as well as putting in an Alarm System, TV points. I found a few different providers, but opted for Graham from Go Alarms, as he was more engaging and explained things to us in detail. He even went the extra mile to pop around to our place near the city to go through all aspects of the cabling in detail. I found this service outstanding. From all the trades we contracted ourselves outside of what our builder was doing, we found Go Alarms to be the best due to the extra level of care provided. Graham did a fantastic job, he went out to our site a few times to do work and realised he could not complete his work as our Builders had not done their bits for him to start his job. He made the process easy and was always willing to help/ assist, to ensure the operation with Go Alarms was smooth, not overwhelming. Graham is a lovely guy, who is friendly and spends the time to listen to you. I would recommend Go Alarms to anyone looking to have their Alarm or Data Cabling TV Antenna done. He uses quality products we have not had any issues at all. Our broadband/ TV signals/ phone lines are working well!!

Adrian Prasad

“We engaged Graham to kit out our brand new home with invisible wiring for two wall hung TV sound systems plus a third wall hung TV. Graham was punctual, professional, courteous, ON TIME and very knowledgeable. His pricing was very fair, and nothing was ever a problem for him. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing some electronics completed in their home or business.


Linda M

Rakesh Kumar
Excellent, prompt and professional service -- a pleasure dealing with someone who is so knowledgeable and efficient. Highly recommended!

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We can supply and install any of the Alarm and Camera system kits for sale on this site in Sydney, Illawarra and the Southern Highlands of NSW. To find out more information on the installed prices of these alarms and camera kits. Visit our installation website.


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